Miguel is a Mexican Data Scientist, since the beginning of his career working for the police force in Mexico City, data analysis has been his business as usual, guiding him to discover useful information, suggest conclusions, and support decision-making.

He holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and is currently working on his thesis to get a MSc Data Science Degree, both from ITAM. As a graduated from ITAM, one of Mexico's top think tanks and higher education institutions, Miguel developed a genuine interest in applying mathematical methods to understand the dynamic complexity of socioeconomic phenomena. That is why, over the past 5 years, he has worked with both private and public institutions with a clear objective: to design data-driven solutions to improve the decision-making processes that are constantly challenge by lack of information.

At the Center of Attention to Emergencies and Citizen Protection of Mexico City, Miguel was able to apply his data skills on a project to increase the efficiency of crime prediction, evaluate police officers on a weekly basis, and design solutions to improve their performance. He also contributed to the design the structure that handles all the analysis data flow to assemble the predictions and the evaluations.

His experience with Mexico’s City government helped Miguel at his job at OPI Analytics, where he designed and managed the infrastructure for the whole company. With AWS, Docker, R, Ruby and Python, he helped to develop a Data Pipeline for a wide variety of public databases. After this, he worked with Globant as a consultant of a big textile company, helping optimize the way the clothes are shipped to the stores making optimal decisions.

Miguel is now the Data Science Manager at Cultura Colectiva, a mexican startup focusing its efforts in understanding the best way to communicate with people. With data analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Cultura Colectiva is the best valued media company in Latin América. Miguel built the first version of the Artificial Intelligence tools of the startup, and now is in charge of boosting it for it to become more powerful and diverse. During this outstanding learning process, his teamwork and leadership were tested in a highly demanding environment.

Miguel was able to apply all this skills during his participation in #Verificado19S, a digital platform that verified and organized information to become a more efficient response for citizens to help after the earthquake of September 19th in Mexico. Miguel coordinated the technological and data part of the effort, one that has made a significant impact in the way people see both Millennials and Social Networks. After this experience, Miguel reaffirmed the importance of the impact he can make with his skills on Data Product Design and Architecture. Proving the point that the union of both can make a huge impact in the way people do things.

Miguel lives in Mexico City and enjoys photography, hiking, biking, and driving around the country. On his free time you can spot him in a local Mezcalería, or dancing salsa.